Rest is hard when you have so many to do lists, it's end of the year at school, parent demands, planning, and don't forget the daily stuff that has to be done. Rest is especially hard for my personality.  My brain is always on the go and ready for some kind of adventure. It is even hard for me to truly rest while I'm in recovery from surgery. I have tried and I have been forced too. But I have to share I have come to really see a potential love for rest. We all need rest. We all have busy lifestyles especially in this modern day world. Were constantly on the go, social … [Read more...]

International Bereaved Mothers Day


  Did you know today is International Bereaved Mother's Day. The Sunday before Mother's Day was honored for mothers who have had to say goodbye to their children too soon. It was founded by Carlie Marie in 2010 for us moms who have lost our precious ones to remember, to cherish and honor a day just for us. Grieving a child is no pain I would want anyone to feel but the truth is many moms have experienced this unimaginable loss such as myself. I was never ready for her to leave. I was never ready for her to be in the arms of Jesus before I was. I was never ready … [Read more...]

Marriage and Weekend


Coming from such a broken childhood and young adult life I remember when my husband and I got married I was so in love with him and looked past all the brokenness that could come with marriage. So when we were faced with the hardest time our marriage would ever face the very first year I was completely broken. After losing our child and facing reality after her funeral that we were with out her,... I didn't know how to be mom without a child, a woman in this world again, and a wife to my husband who was grieving too. It was tough. We faced an emotional journey of two … [Read more...]

Happy 10th Heavenly Birthday Payton


Yesterday was or daughter, Payton's, 10th Heavenly Birthday. We went out as a family and just spent the day together and I wasn't able to post so I wanted to share a picture that I treasure and a little instagram and facebook post I shared. Thank you to all of our family and friends for the outpouring of love. You have changed me entirely from that moment I held you ten years ago. That moment when life and death met in instant and my heart felt like it was completely shattered never to be mended. As the years went by and life continued with out you I faced my grief … [Read more...]



Some things that God asks me to do are just down right scary. I don't believe in them. It's not what i intended. I don't know the outcome. The list goes on. But he doesn't ask me to do these things to question his will. He asks me trust and have faith in his plans to bring glory to his kingdom. To share his word through my story of faith, trust, loss, heartache, joy...pause and repeat. It takes ...a lot of courage to do what God has called you to do and I have to be honest I don't always follow his ways. Then I suffer. I miss out on the blessing he gives when I am … [Read more...]